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Great british menu 2018

 This page is updated during Great British Menu 2018 on a regular basis

Great British menu 2018


24 Chefs aiming to cook at a banquet.

The chefs this year will be paying tribute to the NHS, which is celebrating 70 years this year of treating the UK sick people, which is free at the point of need. This was a world 1st and the Chefs this year will be paying tribute to this fantastic organasation
Great British menu is a  TV competition with some of the UK best Chefs, many hold michelin stars. This is in the 13th year this year and for the first time ever - one outstanding chef will be crowned the champion of champions when banquet diners vote on their favourite dish in the final episode. Only two chefs will make it through to the Friday regional final where they’ll need to convince the expert panel of judges that their dishes deserve a coveted place in the national finals
HtE Recruitment is a National Chef Recruitment agency, we are from the industry and love this industry. The Chef agency team here at HtE Recruitment all watch Great British menu and can not wait until the 2018 series is aired on BBC2, as about 30% of our placements each year is within the Michelin market. There is 8 regional rounds over 8 weeks and then the Semi final round to decide the menu for the banquet and then the banquet.

Veteran Chef judges

  • Tom Aikens - restaurants include The Pawn, Hong Kong and Tom’s Kitchen [view]
  • Daniel Clifford - Midsummer House [view]
  • Angela Hartnett -  Murano and Merchants Tavern [view]
  • Michael O’Hare - The Man Behind the Curtain [view]
  • Jeremy Lee - Quo Vadis [view]
  • Paul Ainsworth - restaurant No 6 and Rojano’s [view]
  • Phil Howard - Elystan Street [view]
  • Richard Corrigan - restaurant  Corrigan’s Mayfair [view]
hospital_1533797494275This year is about celebrating 70 years of the NHS and to honour the heros of the NHS. The NHS in England deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours. The NHS employs 1.4m people within the UK.
Watch Great British menu on BBC2 from the 13th August.

Below is the 24 chefs in the 1st round in 2018

Great British Menu 2016 winners:

  • Starter: Mark Abbott – Ordinary To Extraordinary
  • Fish: Tommy Banks – Preserving The Future
  • Main Course: Mark Froydenlund – A Celebration Of Rose Veal
  • Dessert: Adam Reid – Golden Empire
Great British menu 2017 winners:
  • Starter: Pip Lacey – "Whatever The Weather"
  • Fish: Tommy Banks – "Turbot With Strawberries & Cream"
  • Main Course: Michael Bremner – "The Grass Is Greener"
  • Dessert: Selin Kiazim – "Honouring Venus Rosewater Champions"

Who will be the 4 winners of 2018? - watch this space. Take a look at the 24 chefs in the competition below:

1st round 2018 - the regions


London and south east

Great british menu London heat included these chefs -James Cochran from 1251 restaurant, Scott Goss from The Twenty six restaurant and selin Kiazim from Oklava in London.

more added as the competition is aired from the 13th August.


North East

 Great british menu North East and Yorkshire heat included these chefs - Dan fletcherfrom Fenchurch at sky garden london, Danny parkerfrom House of Tides and Dave Coulson from Peace and Loaf newcastle.  Week one.
Chef judge -
Angela Hartnet
North East Winner - Dan

Starters (monday):
Danny - "My NHS North Tee's" - score 9/10
Dan - "Can i get you a cup of tea, luv" - score 8/10
David - "I signed up today, it takes 2 mins" score 7/10

Fish (tuesday):
Danny - "Not all superheros wear capes" 8/10
Dan - "All sleepness nights" 9/10
David - "My cod, i bet my mam has seen some trotters" 9/10

Mains (it was all beef dishes from all 3 on wednesday):
Danny - "I refuse to accept it because i thought it was nonsenses" 8/10
Dan - "Life is a splended gift" 9/10
David - "Thankyou, you saved my mrs, i'd love to buy you a chinese" 8/10

Danny - Auntie Gwen's chocolate   7  / 10
Dan -    One million thankyou every 24hrs  7 / 10
David -  This ones for Bella  6 / 10

This weeks total Points:
Danny -  32  / 40
Dan -      33  / 40
David -    30 / 40

Friday qtr final had Danny and Dan in it with Dan winning and going to the semi finals.


Great british menu Wales heat included these chefs - andrew Sheridan from Sosban restaurant, Chris Harrod from Whitebrook and Jason Hughes from Chateau Rhianfa in Anglesey.

more added as the competition is aired from the 13th August.


North West

Great british menu North West heat included these chefs - Craig Sherrington from Viginia house cumbria, Ellis Barrie from Marram Grass in Anglesey and Liam Simpson-Trotman from Orwells

more added as the competition is aired from the 13th August.





Great british menu Scottish heat included these chefs - Benedict Reade from Edinburgh  Food studio, Lorna McNee from Gleneagles and Ross Bryans from Corrigans Mayfair.

more added as the competition is aired from the 13th August.



Great british menu Central england heat included these chefs - Marianne Lumb from Marianne Restaurant London, Ryan Simpson-trotman from Orwells and Sabrina Gidda from AllBright London.

more added as the competition is aired from the 13th August.


South West

Great british menu South East heat included these chefs -Jude Kereama from Kota in Cornwall, Olivia Barry from Adelina yard in Bristol and Tom Brown from Cornerstone in London.

more added as the competition is aired from the 13th August.


Northern Ireland.

Great british menu Northern Ireland heat included these chefs - James Devine from Ardtara Country house, Shauna Froydenlud from Marcus at the Berkley and Tommy Heaney from the Great House in Brigend.

more added as the competition is aired from the 13th August.


The following parts of this webpage will be added during great british menu 2018 - please come back from the 13th August for updates.


1st round - the 8 dishes into the next round



More on this blog from 13th August onwards



More on this blog from 13th August onwards



More on this blog from 13th August onwards


More on this blog from 13th August onwards


- Great British Menu - Semi Finals

The final 8 chefs

After the regional rounds, we will list the 8 last chefs here and the profiles of them.

North East - Dan fletcher from Fenchurch at sky garden london,

coming soon

The semi finals

we can not wait until the semi finals

coming sooncoming soon

The winners.

who will win the semi finals?

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The Final




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